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The Computer Science Undergraduate Association

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The CSUA is here to make every step of your undergraduate computer science experience smoother, easier, and more fun! Looking for an internship or a job? Want to learn more CS skills? Need help in a class? We have it all! Come to our events or visit us at 311 Soda Hall to check us out.

Who We Are


We are a group of smart, enthusiastic, and fun-loving students from all majors (not just EECS and CS) who are passionate about computer science. We are researchers, TAs, GSIs, hackers, hardware gurus, open-sourcers, professionals, geeks, women, men, and in between. Most importantly, we are proud members of the CS community.

CSUA members hacking into the night.

Need Help?


The CSUA offers tutoring services, major declaration panels, internship workshops, and recruiting events. You can find a list of available tutors and office hours here. For events, click here. You can also drop by the office any time, and an available tutor will help you.

Upcoming Events

CSUA officers at Hearst Mining Circle.



L&S CS Advisors

Lily Zhang - 379 Soda

Charlene Hughes - 203 Cory

Emerald Templeton - 377 Soda

EECS Advisors

Lydia Raya - 205 Cory

Nicole McIntyre - 205 Cory