CSUA - The Computer Science Undergraduate Association at UC Berkeley



Machine Learning · Blockchain · Professional Development

Below you will find a list of workshops this semester to help introduce you to a wide variety of topics in CS.



Friday - 9/8 : Git

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM | HP Auditorium

Learn the basics of using Git as a version control system for better programming workflows.

Saturday - 9/9 : Professional Development

2PM - 4PM | Wozniak Lounge

Learn how to break into industry and land your first job or internship.

Friday - 9/15 : UNIX/BASH

6PM - 8PM | HP Auditorium

Throwback to the basics of computing; how to use a terminal effectively, and how to write scripts that make working with computing easier.

Tuesday - 9/19 : LaTeX

5PM - 7PM | HP Auditorium

Make your proofs, papers, and homework look stunning using the power of LaTeX.

Wednesday - 11/8 : Blockchain

6PM - 8PM | HP Auditorium

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Cohosted with Blockchain@Berkeley

Tuesday - 11/14 : Web Development

6PM - 8PM | Wozniak Lounge

React.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB. You've heard all these buzzwords - now learn how to use them to create stunning and reactive Web Applications.

Monday - 11/20 : Machine Learning

6PM - 8PM | Wozniak Lounge

Skip the hype; come learn what machine learning is really about and learn how to implement a few key machine learning algorithms.