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In order to become a general member, please fill out this form with some information such as your name and Berkeley email address. You'll have an account on our computers, server space, and more in no time!
Once you make an account with the CSUA, you'll be able to periodically receive emails about events and job opportunities, use our office computers and servers, and even host your own website on the CSUA server.
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Interested in becoming more involved? Officers are active members of the CSUA who have shown that they want to contribute to the organization and to the computer science community. Officers are entrusted with appropriate privileges, such as office access, and have opportunities to participate in essential club duties. From networking with industry to learning how to maintain the servers to planning social events, officers are the core of the CSUA's membership.
If you would like to become an officer, please fill out this form . Feel free to email with any questions!

Why You Should Join

[0] Access to industry professionals and companies

The CSUA holds many information sessions and tech talks that bring in notable technical entrepreneurs to talk about building great companies. Jonathan Blow, independent video game programmer/designer and former CSUA President, spoke in the Wozniak Lounge in Spring 2016. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and co-founder of Twitter, spoke in Sibley Auditorium in Fall 2013. Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, spoke in the Woz in Spring 2010.

[1] Informational and skill-building events

We help provide resources for computer science students to find jobs and internships. We host info sessions with great companies and provide lots of skill-building events, such as interview workshops and industry sponsored hackathons. We also hold dinners with faculty (e.g. Brian Harvey in Spring 2013) and alumni.

[2] Opportunities to build connections and meet students

Come to CSUA events to meet your fellow CS students! Find study partners for your classes, work with other students on projects or hacks, and discuss topics like interview questions, CS research, good upper-division classes, and more!

[3] Free food at fun events

While we primarily serve as the entry point to the software industry, we know how to have fun too. We host hackathons with cool prizes, general meetings with free food, alumni BBQs, ice cream socials, intersocietal events, and more.