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Office Hours

Spreadsheet of office hours

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Current Officers

Alex Kassil
I like programming, chess, math, and spending time with friends.
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B, CS 88, Data 8
Aniruddha Nrusimha
I get high on the beauty of theoretical computer science
Tutors for: CS 61B, CS 70, EE 16A, EE 16B
Anna Brewer
brutalism apologist
Arthur Kazantsev
I pour the milk before adding cereal
Barak Zhou
This space intentionally left blank.
Bassam Safadi
Got mad yoyo skills
Ben Chen
len("Ben Chennn")=ten! Hey everyone my name is Ben Chen, a sophomore majoring in CS and Spanish linguistics (I know it's a weird duo). I am really looking to work with everyone this semester! I have a passion in tutoring, so if you have any questions regarding CS10/61A/61B/70 or math 1A/54 feel free to come talk to me. Also I used to do rowing competitively, but unfortunately you won't see thick arms nor six packs from me nowadays.
Benjamin Wu
im a cat who loves to snooze
Bill Cao
Probably taking a nap right now
Catherine Cang
Searching for good cat videos/pictures
Charles Sun
Hi! I do stuff, I think?
Daniel Wu
@IncurMyDisfavour Hi, I would like to buy your Kaoms Heart Glorious Plate left 7, top 6)
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B
Jason Yeung
Fluffy puppers are pretty alright.
Jeffrey Tao
Jessica Kuo
I'm a potato.
Jimmy Kim
I play children's card games.
Jonathan Tan
grand blue is a diving manga
Justin Cheng
"Tired. Sleepy. Need money." - Trevor "ModestCube" Schmidty II
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B, Math 1A, Math 1B
Kevin Zhang
blockchain technology 该项目将开发一个试验系统中区块链基础设施用于问题和参与者之间转移资金.
Kevin Lu
Interested in computer science
Leon Ming
Would you like some lemon gin?
Mark Hill
Michelle Hsueh
Two cats are on a roof. Which one slides off first? The one with the smaller μ (mew)! (=^ ◡ ^=)
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B, Data 8
Neil Lingarkar
Alaan Boosting Services
Nithin Raghavan
If you read this, I'll give you 15 cents
Ray Pan
Sometimes I do something... I think
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B, CS 168, EE 16A
Robert Quitt
nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit dip it all in mashed potatoes
Sean Meng
厶口 乃乇卂尺丂
Tutors for: CS 61B, CS 70, EE 16A, EE 16B
Sophie Wen
sorry i was busy loving bts what did you say
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B
Starr Yang
Tutors for: CS 61A, CS 61B, CS 70
Yannan Tuo
Will sing for food (will sing regardless)