Are you new to Berkeley? New to CS? Need help with class? Want people to talk to? Come by the office in 311 Soda and meet some of our officers! They're here to help you and keep the office tidy and fun.

Calendar of office hours
Anna Brewer
Thu 5-6PM
"Full diversity!"
Nina Chang
Thurs 3-4PM
Ashley Chien
Mon 12-1PM
Yitz Deng
Tue 4-5PM
"GIF is pronounced like gift but without the t."
Tue 5-6PM
"Have you ever met someone who has ridden a donkey up a volcano in the Philippines during a flash typhoon? Well, now you have!"
Emily Gosti
Wed 4-5PM
"Livin' la vida boba"
Andres Guzman
Fri 11-12PM
"I like to code."
Eric Hou
Thu 4-5PM
"TensorFlow sucks"
Michelle Hsueh
Mon 3-4PM
"i wish i could have infinity cats (^• ω •^)"
Jason Ji
Thu 6-7PM
Kartik Kapur
Thu 11-12PM
"'I left, I did nothing, I returned' ~Julius Caesar"
Jimmy Kim
Fri 6-7PM
"I play children's card games."
Jessica Kuo
Thurs 12-1PM
"This is fine."
Benjamin Li
Mon 11-12PM
"Hoi! :3"
Neil Lingarkar
Thu 2-3PM
Kevin Ma
Fri 1-2PM
"Need information on the school or anything in gene"
Sid Masih
Mon 5-6PM
Loren McIntyre
Tue 1-2PM
"Can't stand unnecessary acronyms"
Ray Pan
Mon 4-5PM
"I for one welcome our new robot overlords"
Robert Quitt
Fri 2-3PM
"Robert'); DROP TABLE officers;--"
Parth Singal
Wed 12-1PM
"Random powers: Levitation, Time"
Jonathan Tan
Fri 5-6PM
Alex Thomas
Mon 2-3PM
"I like jogging and making android applications in my free time!"
Charlie Tian
Tue 6-7PM
"Cs 4 life yo"
Dani Tindan
Wed 3-4PM
"Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."
Yannan Tuo
Fri 4-5PM
"Will sing for food (will sing regardless)"
Caleb Wyllie
Thu 1-2PM
"i like to climb things and browse memes"
Jason Yeung
Tue 11-12PM
"Favorite Muppet: Kermit the Frog"
Juntai Zheng
Thu 10-11AM
"I have an approximate knowledge of many things"
Barak Zhou
Mon 1-2PM
"blurb coming Soon™"
Megan Zhu
Mon 6-7PM
"I like coding and AI stuff and games (overwatch!)"