Are you new to Berkeley? New to CS? Need help with class? Want people to talk to? Come by the office in 311 Soda and meet some of our officers! They're here to help you and keep the office tidy and fun.

Office Hours

Each officer is responsible for keeping the office open during their assigned office hours. Additionally, some officers have their office hours open for tutoring.

Read more about tutoring here.


  • Root staff — Helps manage CSUA computers
  • Tutor — Can help you with your courses
Aniruddha Nrusimha
"I get high on the beauty of theoretical computer science"
Arthur Kazantsev
"First Ranger of the Night's Watch"
Daniel Wu
"The CSUA has provided enough free food and supplies to feed me for more than one week"
Jason Yeung
"Fluffy puppers are pretty alright."
Jimmy Kim
"I play children's card games."
Jonathan Tan
"grand blue is a diving manga"
Kevin Zhang
"Ex: "Random skills: Music, drumming, salsa dancing.""
Nithin Raghavan
"Un spectre hante l’Europe : le spectre du communisme. Toutes lespuissances de la vieille Europe se sont unies en une Sainte-Alliance pourtraquer ce spectre : le Pape et le Czar, Metternich et Guizot, les radicauxde France et les policiers d’Allemagne."
Ray Pan
"Sometimes I do something... I think"
Robert Quitt
"Hi, I'm robertq, I like computers so feel free to ask me about computer stuff like vim and git and unix and yeah"
Sophie Wen
"i don't always study, but when i do, i don't"