Are you new to Berkeley? New to CS? Need help with class? Want people to talk to? Come by the office in 311 Soda and meet some of our officers! They're here to help you and keep the office tidy and fun.

Spring 2024 Office Hours

Each officer is responsible for keeping the office open during their assigned office hours. Additionally, some officers have their office hours open for tutoring. Talk to an officer if you would like to join the CSUA and make an account!
Root staff — Helps manage CSUA computers. Talk to them if you need any assistance with accessing CSUA computers. They can be reached at
Tutors — Will help you with your courses. Most officers, regardless of tutor status, have taken all the lower division classes and are happy to help, just come by our office at 311 Soda and ask about tutoring! Read more about tutoring here.

Arnav Gupta
OH: Tues 12-1 PM
"Random skills: wrapping presents, disability advocacy, digital art"
Mingyang Wang
OH: Tues 6-7 PM
"Not my dog, but you can follow it on instagram @tailsofyumi"
Raine Koizumi
OH: Mon 6-7 PM
"am i really finding beauty in the mundane or am i just staring at a wall"