The Politburo

Executive Committee of the CSUA

The Politburo consists of the seven elected officers of the CSUA. They are the governing body of the CSUA and a unique group of people who are eager to talk to you about the CSUA.
You can contact the Politburo at

Kuhu Sharma


The President leads meetings and represents the CSUA in its duties as the undergraduate computer science students' representative body. The President communicates with the University, faculty, staff, and other student organizations.

Please contact Kuhu for general questions or concerns about the CSUA.

Brendan Benner

VP of Industry Relations

The Vice President of Industry Relations is the CSUA liaison with companies and alumni. The VP attains sponsors for external events and generates industry interest in the CSUA. The VP also coordinates speakers for events, manages info sessions and the job list-serve, and assists the President.

Please contact Brendan for any questions regarding events, info sessions, speaking events, or sponsorships. Thank you for your support and interest in the CSUA.

Daniel Zou

VP of Technology

The Vice President of Technology administers and maintains the technical resources of the CSUA, such as the computer equipment, servers, and list-serves. The VP is also the head of our root staff and a liaison with all campus IT and technical services. The VP solves or delegates the solving of any technical issues.

If you have any questions about your account or the CSUA servers or software, please contact Daniel.



The Secretary/Treasurer takes minutes at meetings, maintains the CSUA's monetary and physical resources (office, study lounge, library, etc.), and keeps all financial and non-financial records. The Secretary/Treasurer is also the liaison with any University funding programs or facility maintenance and the primary signatory power with the ASUC.

Please contact Conner for questions about the CSUA's budget, resources, or records.

Rahul Shah

External Events Coordinator

The External Events Coordinator plans all external CSUA events. An external event is defined as an event sponsored by a company. The External Events Coordinator works closely with the VP of Industrial Relations and the Internal Events Coordinator.

Please contact Rahul for any questions regarding upcoming external events or with offers for potential future events.

Sofia Theodoras

Internal Events Coordinator

The Internal Events Coordinator plans all internal CSUA events. An internal event is defined as an event that does not have a company sponsor. This includes general meetings, intersocial events, and alumni events. The Internal Events Coordinator works closely with the External Events Coordinator.

Please direct internal events questions to Sofia.

Rosalie Fang

Outreach Chair

The Outreach chair maintains or delegates the maintenance of the website and various social media accounts. The Outreach chair also publicizes all CSUA events to the student body, promotes interaction between current students and alumni, and welcomes new members.

If you are a student interested in joining the CSUA, feel free to reach out to Rosalie.