Computing Resources

CSUA provides computing resources to our members. A CSUA account is required to log in and use the machines. Any officer can help you set up an account. Come visit our office at 311 Soda to make an account, or come to one of our General Meetings. Questions about computing resources should be directed to

SSH access

Send an SSH key to and after confirmation, log in with your CSUA account to! There, you will find a fairly standard, secure install of Debian. You can use soda to help host your projects, or as a development server. If you would like some package installed, or need help with using soda, don't hesistate to contact or consult our wiki at this link. More information on setting up SSH here.

Web hosting

Place your .html files in your ~/public_html directory and they will be publicly available at$USER

Desktop Machines

We have high-quality desktop machines for you to use in 311 Soda. Please note one of our office rules: please respect the office and office equipment. Please do not eat or drink over the computing equipment.

Our machines have been named after drinks since CSUA first christened Here are the names of the current desktop machines:
  • Beer (connected to TV)
  • Boba
  • Mead
  • Sake
  • Scotch
  • Soju
  • Vodka

GPU Computing on Latte

Thanks to donations from NVIDIA, CSUA has a GPU server available for public use. It features 8 NVIDIA Tesla P100 datacenter-class GPUs.

Read more about how to access Latte.